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Marketing Industry Using AI to Save Time, Boost Productivity: Study

Dozens of companies are using AI tools to enhance their marketing strategies, a Bynder study found. More than 55% of Bynder’s clients surveyed use AI to generate content drafts and enhance their SEO. The findings come as businesses integrate ChatGPT into their workflows to boost their bottom line. loading Something is loading. Thanks for signing […]

How Shay Mitchell Turned Her Penchant for Travel Into a Full-Fledged Business

Shay Mitchell on Turning Her Hobby Into a CareerHearst Owned “Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on some items through these links.” In ELLE.com’s monthly series Office Hours, we ask people in powerful positions to take us through their first jobs, worst jobs, and everything in between. This month we spoke to […]

Four Modern Technology Must-Dos To Elevate Your Customer Experience

Founder and CEO of Insightly and a lifelong techie with a passion for all things startup. getty Recently, our head of customer loyalty was on paternity leave, and I stepped in to assist his team as needed. The experience of having a closer connection to our customer loyalty team—which includes service, support and success—encouraged me […]

What is Business Marketing?

Economic News, Jakarta – Business marketing is a way to promote the sale of services or products to other businesses. Typically, this is done by selling to other organizations or businesses that either resell the product or use it in operations. Some of the most successful marketing strategies in this field utilize a variety of […]

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