Marketing Industry Using AI to Save Time, Boost Productivity: Study

Marketing Industry Using AI to Save Time, Boost Productivity: Study
  • Dozens of companies are using AI tools to enhance their marketing strategies, a Bynder study found.
  • More than 55% of Bynder’s clients surveyed use AI to generate content drafts and enhance their SEO.
  • The findings come as businesses integrate ChatGPT into their workflows to boost their bottom line.

The marketing industry is embracing AI with open arms, a new study found.

In May, Bynder, a digital asset management platform, surveyed 104 of its clients like Spotify, Canon, and Puma to see how their marketing teams are adopting AI tools to enhance their content production processes.

More than 55% of clients who responded to the survey said they are using AI to automate time-consuming tasks as a way to boost productivity.

Out of Bynder’s clients who use AI, 54% of them said they’re using the tech to generate initial drafts for content, whether for social media posts or landing page copy, the study found.

Clients are also using AI to optimize their content, improve spelling and grammar, and paraphrase information, according to the study. As a result, marketing teams have gotten the tech to brainstorm ideas, come up with grabby hooks, and complete research tasks.

Marketing teams are even deploying AI by having the tech repurpose content and develop the voice of their companies’ brand.

Some clients believe AI can improve the quality of their marketing content.

“Allowing an AI to learn a company’s intended tone of voice, speaker level, etc. could be valuable,” one respondent told Bynder.

Bynder’s study comes as businesses and workers alike integrate cutting-edge AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT into their marketing efforts to maximize productivity.

Peggy Dean, an artist who runs a ChatGPT course for creatives on Skillshare, told Insider that she uses the AI ​​chatbot to enhance her SEO practices and write product descriptions, which she credits to saving time and helping her enroll more than 3,500 new students in her course as of April.

Jacqueline DeStefano-Tangarra, the founder of a boutique consulting firm, told Insider she has used ChatGPT to create marketing materials like industry-specific articles and generate personalized business proposals.

High-level executives agree that AI can boost a marketing team’s bottom line. Jonathan Adashek, the senior vice president of marketing and communications at tech titan IBM, believes marketing leaders will fall behind if they don’t embrace AI as part of their content strategy.

“AI will be instrumental in serving up the right content for the right people in the right place,” Adashek told Insider.

The respondents to Bynder’s survey believe that, moving forward, they can use AI for more advanced tasks like personalizing website content based on an individual’s browsing history or building chatbots that can help visitors navigate through their website.

But that doesn’t mean AI should replace humans.

“It’s vital businesses don’t look to replace human creativity with AI,” Warren Daniels, the chief marketing officer at Bynder, wrote in the study. “AI should be embedded into existing processes and viewed as a mechanic to free up time for teams to focus on more creative tasks.”

“AI should be used in a managed or controlled way to enable human creativity, not hamper it,” he added.

Bynder didn’t respond to Insider’s immediate request for comment before publication.

Marketing Industry Using AI to Save Time, Boost Productivity: Study
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