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Incorporating Scenario Planning into your Business Plan

RBC Small Business Talks uncovers the latest trends and insights to help owners navigate the issues & opportunities facing businesses today. Businesses always operate under a certain degree of uncertainty, and planning for the “what ifs” is critically important. Scenario planning, which involves making assumptions on what the future will bring, can help you gain […]

Building a quantum-safe future – The Official Microsoft Blog

As innovation has progressed through radio, the internet, Wi-Fi, smartphones, and the Internet of Things, we have consistently faced security concerns with each technological milestone. Every new and disruptive technology comes with both opportunities and challenges. With AI, we are taking this lesson from the past and proactively addressing the security challenges that will inevitably […]

Reflections on AI and the future of human development

Recent advances in artificial intelligence have sparked both wonder and anxiety as we contemplate its transformative potential. AI holds enormous promise to enrich our lives, but this anticipation comes intertwined with apprehensions about the challenges and risks that may arise. To nurture a future where AI is leveraged to the benefit of people and society, […]

Meeting governments where they are: Delivering innovation while maintaining digital sovereignty

As today’s governments look at technology innovation, there is a need to address the rapidly evolving demands of their citizens while protecting the most sensitive data and delivering on promises of trust and security. Modernization of government services without compromising security, digitization of manual processes and improved user experiences for both citizens and government employees […]

The future of manufacturing is now: Four trends shaping the industry

At its core, manufacturing is about innovation, as it builds economic capacity, bolsters workforces, and generates opportunity and growth. Today we’re seeing the industry undergo a once-in-a-century transformation driven by changing consumer demands, labor challenges, supply chain disruptions, technological advancements and sustainability demands. We’ve come a long way since the industrial revolution, and the industry […]

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