small business advertising ideas

How to Create a Content Plan for Your Business

Sharing content plan responsibilities with your staff can keep the work from being overwhelming. Assign responsibilities like writing, graphics, and editing to different employees. — Getty Images/Halfpoint Images Creating a content plan is crucial to the success of any business’s marketing strategy, providing a guide for the type of content you’ll post, along with where […]

Marketing among top AI applications for small businesses

Forty-one percent of small businesses are considering using AI to help make business decisions, according to a new study conducted by American Express. And customer service and marketing use cases are the top applications for using AI technology. AI use cases. Small businesses say they are considering AI for a wide range of use cases. […]

Comarketing Is Helping These SBOs Reach New Audiences While Saving Money

Four small business owners say “comarketing” has helped them grow new audiences and boost sales. Comarketing — where multiple companies market their products together — is a low-cost strategy that can be even more effective than traditional marketing. For both companies to benefit equally, the campaign should be authentic and not appear too promotional. This […]

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