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Accelerating scientific discovery with Azure Quantum

Today, Microsoft is announcing new advances to Azure Quantum aimed at accelerating scientific discovery. From the Iron Age revolutionizing agriculture to the Silicon Age revolutionizing how we communicate, new materials have always created inflection points for social progress. Advances in this space will be transformative. For example, the transportation industry can develop more efficient and […]

Cranbrook adopted an updated strategic plan

Cranbrook’s draft 2024-2027 Strategic Plan has been adopted by the city council, which will guide the city’s decision-making for the next four years. City officials said work on the updated plan happened through the first three months of this year, after the fall’s municipal election. “The new strategic plan will guide the coming three years […]

Create more integrated cloud experiences with over 1,400 connectors

Last year, I had the opportunity to speak with customers across a wide range of sectors about how they are approaching the current economic climate. Whether they are focusing on increasing efficiency or driving cost savings, we are all essentially trying to do more with less and prioritizing investments that will drive the most important […]

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