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City to update Housing Business Plan to apply for federal funding –

The city council approved a change order to update the city’s Housing Business Plan in order to apply for federal funding. The federal government recently announced that $4 billion in funding would be available through the Housing Accelerator Fund Program. Consultants are currently working on updating the city’s Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaws. […]

5 Things You Must Know and Do Before Writing a Business Plan

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. There are many articles about what to include in your business plan. But what about before you even start writing it? Are there things you need to know? Information you need to compile? Things to consider? You bet. Below you’ll learn five things you must know and […]

Breaking new ground in healthcare with the next evolution of AI

Since the beginning of modern medicine, the arc of innovation has delivered previously unimaginable breakthroughs and treatments that have improved health outcomes and lengthened lifespans. We are now in an era where digital transformation is redefining the way organizations approach patient engagement, care team collaboration and the provider experience. From better access to patient data […]

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