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Super Power Your Decisions – a new online course for more effective decision-making

Decision making is one of the most challenging aspects of leading, as we never have all the information we need and yet we still need to act.

This is especially true in times of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity). And never have we all experienced a worse case of VUCA on such a global scale as right now.

Data Overwhelm

Because we are overwhelmed with so much information, fake news, questionable data, and agenda-driven news cycles, it is even more important than ever to double-down on our intuitive intelligence to decipher what is relevant, where we need to pay attention, and sensing what the best outcome is given the critical decisions we need to make.

On July 27tha new online course called Super Power Your Decisions will release!

It is a 7-week course based on the principles of my book, Decisive Intuition, and guides you through the 6-steps to connect with your intuitive intelligence and critical thinking to make more effective decisions, faster.

Each module includes an average of 60 minutes of instruction and practice per week. Students will engage in:

  • On-demand lectures
  • Hands-on exercises
  • And direct application in your business and personal environments.
  • The learning experience will be enhanced by online Q&A and live interaction with me as your teacher and fellow students.

You are ready to discover your super power of integrating your deeper intuition and wisdom alongside your critical thinking for more impact and effectiveness.


Superpower Your Decisions | Invisible Edge
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