ELEGOO introduces PHECDA laser engraving machine for home and small business use

Established in March 2015, Shenzhen-based ELEGOO is a technology company dedicated to open-source hardware R&D, production, and marketing.

ELEGOO has launched a new laser engraving machine named PHECDA. Designed for home and small business use, it has a 400 x 400 mm engraving area and features 10W laser power, as well as compatibility with various materials. ELEGOO has released PHECDA 10W with prices starting at only $239.99, and PHECDA 20W at $399.99. The manufacturer says PHECDA 10W is an independent machine. As a result, users don’t need to add it as a separator add-on, but they can add some other components like the Rotary Attachment. Additionally, the PHECDA laser engraving machine will be officially launched on Kickstarter on April 8, 2023, at 2:00 pm UTC.

The new PHECDA desktop laser engraving machine. Image via ELEGOO.

The company has a dedicated workforce of over 350 employees and operates out of a 15,000 sq. m. factory. ELEGOO is a portmanteau of the words “electronic” and “googol,” representing the company’s focus on open-source electronics and innovative technology. Its products are available in multiple countries worldwide, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and others.

ELEGOO offers a wide range of products that includes the MARS LCD 3D printer, introduced in 2019. ELEGOO’s successful product line was a part of the crowdfunding success. According to the company, the Saturn resin 3D printer pre-sale raised $146,000 in just one minute and became the top-selling brand for domestic LCD consumer 3D printers in 2020. Additionally, the Jupiter resin 3D printer raised $4 million through crowdfunding, the second -largest amount in the history of global 3D printing equipment in 2021. Furthermore, the company reported that global sales of LCD 3D printers exceeded 500,000 units, generating over $1 million in total revenue in the same year.

The new PHECDA is suitable for DIY and small business use. Image via ELEGOO.

A versatile tool for DIY and small business projects

The PHECDA laser engraving machine offers a 400 mm x 400 mm engraving size that can cater to the “artistic needs of users.” With a maximum power of up to 20W, (Depending on the configuration chosen), it can engrave and cut a variety of materials such as metal, leather and wood. Users have the flexibility to engrave or cut patterns on different materials and can even opt for a rotary axis module to engrave curved objects like cylinders. The machine is equipped with WiFi connectivity, allowing users to upload and edit pictures via the app and edit them with text overlays, drawing tools, and more.

ELEGOO’s laser engraving machine has a different design than other machines on the market because its laser head module has three parts positioned horizontally, unlike the usual single part positioned vertically. The left and right sides of the module come equipped with dual fans, providing optimal heat dissipation and extending the lifespan of the laser head. The laser head also features a plug-in design, allowing for easy installation and replacement through the backplane rail.

Laser engraving often generates smoke, which can be harmful to users and the environment. ELEGOO has taken steps to mitigate this by incorporating a magnetic visor on the Z-axis and installing a smoke filter on the top of the machine. This design creates a relatively sealed and quiet engraving environment, effectively filtering out hazardous gases and reducing smoke. Additionally, the machine comes with goggles to protect users’ eyes from potential laser damage when operating the machine.

PHECDA is easy to use and handle. Image via ELEGOO.

Technical specifications of the ELEGOO PHECDA

Engraving area 400mmx400mm
Spot diameters 0.06mm
Engraving depth 0-8mm
Rated voltage 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Laser head power 10W/20W
Output voltage 12V
Machine power 40W
Product materials Aluminum alloy
net weight 6.5kg
machine size 673mmx660mmx190mm
Connection method TF card, USB cable, APP
support system windows/mac/ios/android
Maximum engraving speed 160mm/s
Laser head height adjustment 0-79mm
SupportLanguage Chinese, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish
Whether to support APP control support
Whether to support smoke filtering support

The PHECDA’s ultra-affordable pricing demonstrates ELEGOO’s goal of eliminating the stereotype that laser engraving machines are too expensive for the average maker or hobbyist. By providing a highly affordable product with acceptable profit margins, ELEGOO aims to lower the entry barriers for laser engraving machines. This move is expected to increase the number of users and lead to a virtuous cycle of feedback and data that will drive the development of even better and more user-friendly machines in the future.

ELEGOO will release it on social media (Facebook, Twitterand INS) on April 1st, 2023. The early bird price is $240 which is super budget, a 60% OFF discount compared to the original price of $400.
Potential customers can visit the website to find out more about ELEGOO’s products.

Featured image shows the new PHECDA desktop laser engraving machine. Image via ELEGOO.

ELEGOO introduces PHECDA laser engraving machine for home and small business use
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