10-Part Intuition Docuseries Launching April 6th

Exciting news!

Filmmaker Danny Blitz is releasing his 10-part docuseries, Superpower, on developing your intuitive intelligence. She interviews top scientists, doctors, specialists, and yours truly J in bringing together the latest research and best practices on developing intuition to make better decisions and live a more purposeful life connected to your deepest values ​​and passions.

Each episode tackles various applications, ranging from how to relieve stress and overwhelm to listen to your inner guidance for your most important decisions.

I’m featured in the 1st and 9th episodes—the 9th one focuses on how intuitive intelligence deepens your ability to make more effective decisions through reading the room and anticipating what needs to happen next.


Starting this week, Danny Is offering FREE access to Superpower.

Sign up here to get your access to this—it’s only available for a limited time.

I’m curious to hear your feedback and what it inspires for you in your own journey around developing your intuition and how you are using it in your everyday life.

Check out the trailer here to get a taste.

I hope this will inspire your continued curiosity with developing your intuitive intelligence!

10-Part Intuition Docuseries Launching April 6th
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