10-Part Intuition Docuseries – Available Now!

10-Part Intuition Docuseries – Available Now!

We have exciting news!

If you haven’t seen this yet, I was featured in a recent 10-part docuseries called SuperPower: Ignite your intuitive intelligence.

Check out the trailer here.

The series shares the latest research and application of building intuitive intelligence in many areas of life. I’m in the first episode and featured in episode 9, which focuses mostly on business applications of cultivating your intuition for “reading the room” and making better decisions, which is the foundation of our work.

Order here.

We’ve been getting great feedback from around the world on this series, so thank you for those who have shared their impact and are continuing to make their company’s culture more intuitive and adaptable to the changing times.

One of the biggest requests is “how can I continue to deepen my intuitive intelligence as well as for my team?”

Here’s a list of resources that will help you do just that:

  1. read Decisive Intuition – this will give you a leg up on how to develop your own capabilities and apply this to leadership, management, sales, innovation and a host of other areas of your business. If you order for your team as well, we can discuss conducting a private webinar for your team on how this applies to create a high-performing culture.
  2. Take the FREE online assessment to rate where you stack on living from your intuitive intelligence. You’ll get a free report that will help guide your next steps.
  3. Take our flagship online course, Superpower Your Decisions. This is a great option for remote learning for leaders and teams to make more effective decisions and learn to listen to your intuitive intelligence the first time, not the sixth time!
  4. See our full range of online learning for intuitive leadership, sales, and innovation.
  5. And lastly, if you want to discuss how to bring more intuitive intelligence into your company culture and leadership, contact us!

Thanks again for your overwhelming support and we are thrilled that this is getting out there to a wider audience that is seeing the value of learning to trust your gut and make better decisions in your business and in your life.

10-Part Intuition Docuseries – Available Now!
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